Berlin – Birthplace of a Political Innovation

Rüdiger Weis – Liquid Democracy Documentation Project – Interview #54 from Jose Ramos on Vimeo.   To understand how Liquid Democracy emerged, one has to understand both history and geography, as well as the interplay of ideas and culture. This interview with Rüdiger Weis, a professor of computer science at the Beuth Hochschule University of […]

Loomio Collaborative Decision Making: Interview with Richard Dennis Bartlett

Richard Dennis Bartlett is one of the co-developers and co-founders of Loomio, an online  collaborative decision making tool. One of the things I didn’t know was that Loomio came out of the core group’s experience in Occupy in Wellington New Zealand. I had previously thought that Loomio was designed to solve decision making for the […]

Joshua Vial on Enspiral and Trans-national Collectives

Joshua Vial is the founder of Enspiral, the community, network and social enterprise in Wellington (New Zealand) which practices open source, networked and commons based enterprise creation. Enspiral is different from traditional businesses in a number of ways. They have an ethos of collective ownership and social impact, they have a networked form of organization with […]

Mix Irving on Cobudget

I had the great pleasure of hanging out with some of the Enspiral network members at the  end of March 2016. One of the more fascinating elements that I learned about was Cobudget, the system that Enspiral uses for sourcing and allocating finds. It is like participatory budgeting, it is also like internal crowdfunding … but […]

Research Papers

Ramos, J. (Forthcoming), ‘Liquid democracy and the futures of governance’, In Ono, R and Winter, J., The Future Internet: Alternative Visions, Springer, Zurich. (book chapter) Ramos, J. (2014) ‘Liquid Democracy: The App That Turns Everyone into a Politician’, Shareable, (magazine article) Ramos, J. (2013) ‘The futures of power in the network era,’ Journal of […]

Liquid Democracy: The App That Turns Everyone into a Politician

Liquid Democracy is one of the boldest contemporary innovations in democratic decision-making. The idea uses web technology that allows users to interact in new ways. Its primary innovators are located in Berlin, and Germany has been the first to adopt and apply Liquid Democracy systems in the context of political parties, parliamentary processes, and some […]

Interview #31, Sonke Klug, District of Friesland

Early on I met Djure Meinen in Hamburg, who talked about a whole number of Liquid Democracy related things, one of which was the “Liquid Friesland” experiment. From what I understood from Djure, the software developed by Axel, Andreas and co (interview #37-38), Liquid Feedback, had been applied across Friesland, a district in Lower Saxony, […]

Liquid Democracy Video Sampler

For the project, Volker Grassmuck asked me to prepare a short example of the kind of audio visual documentation we were doing, for Leuphana University’s Centre for Digital Cultures (CDC), through which this research project was funded. Marcus and I worked for several days looking for shots from the interviews that could convey the kind […]

Interview #37-38: Axel Kistner and Andreas Nitsche, Interaktive Democratie e.V.

Axel Kistner, Andreas Nitsche and their developer colleagues ostensibly created the first Liquid Democracy platform, Liquid Feedback, for the German Pirate Party. This interview provides some insights into the development of Liquid Feedback, the rather rigorous logic involved in its use, and a window into the emergence of the effort to built it. Many thanks […]