Joshua Vial on Enspiral and Trans-national Collectives

Joshua Vial is the founder of Enspiral, the community, network and social enterprise in Wellington (New Zealand) which practices open source, networked and commons based enterprise creation. Enspiral is different from traditional businesses in a number of ways. They have an ethos of collective ownership and social impact, they have a networked form of organization with little hierarchy, and they make their work and innovations open source, contributing to the global knowledge commons. Finally, they take the cultivation of heathy and nurturing relationship seriously, indeed it is a foundation for their success.

Because of these reasons, Enspiral represents one of the critical seeds of the future. In a world struggling to re-invent itself, develop ethical business, and turn relational value into social value (rather than privatised), Enspiral shows a critical way forward.

Enspiral is behind such innovations such as Loomio, the collaborative decision making system, and Cobudget, the collaborative budgeting system. They have innovated networked based, non-hierarchical and inclusive approaches to a variety of organisational needs.

Joshua talks about the history and development of Enspiral and his vision for the development of trans-national collectives of value exchange, what David de Ugarte and Michel Bauwens discuss as “Phyles“.

Interview with Joshua Vial: Past, Present and Future of Enspiral and Trans-national Collectives from Jose Ramos on Vimeo.

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