Interview #31, Sonke Klug, District of Friesland

Early on I met Djure Meinen in Hamburg, who talked about a whole number of Liquid Democracy related things, one of which was the “Liquid Friesland” experiment. From what I understood from Djure, the software developed by Axel, Andreas and co (interview #37-38), Liquid Feedback, had been applied across Friesland, a district in Lower Saxony, Germany bounded by the districts of Wesermarsch, Ammerland, Leer and Wittmund, and by the North Sea.

Given this, I wanted to find out about this experiment, and people’s experiences in implementing and using Liquid Feedback.

Djure was instrumental in setting up the trip. I didn’t know anyone there at all, and Djure was able to make introductions and connection between a whole number of people involved in its application, use and evaluation.

One of these people was Sonke Klug, who was the operational drive behind the implementation of the Liquid Feedback system there. As a district based government project, Sonke was the chief person responsible for its implementation. His interview provided some key insights into understanding the dimensions and challenges of applying liquid feedback within this governmental context.

Liquid Democracy Documentation Project – Interview #31 – Sonke Klug from Jose Ramos on Vimeo.

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